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Saideep Group

Innovating the Future

The future becomes a reality because someone could foresee it. SAIDEEP GROUP is actively shaping the developments of the future. The impacts are seen worldwide as we leap ahead with solutions that are founded on quality, technology, and innovation.

SAIDEEP India is propelling this pioneering history by investing in the R&D of the future. For us, innovation is a key factor sustaining our competitive advantage and engineers at Saideep India excel at creative engineering that propels innovation.

Our employees are working on progressive products and technologies within a connected environment of modern research and development centres across the world. These centres are the hub of developing state-of-the-art and efficient solutions in close co-operation with customers from the automotive and industrial segments.

SAI DEEP GROUP India R&D centres have a decade long history of innovating engineering products specifically tailored for Indian market requirements. Two of the three R&D teams and facilities located near their respective manufacturing plants, are approved by DSIR i.e. Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Materials development and tribology are key areas in the product development process. We use tools such as simulation and rapid prototyping to develop increasingly complex products that involve mechatronics. From individual bearing systems to complete vehicles, all the necessary tests can be carried out within our test labs. This means we can increase the operating safety of our products and gain valuable insights for developing and improving our products.