We will go through all the stages of construction


Saideep had designed Ferro Filters for removing Fine Iron particles from Ceramic slurry. The filtration is done in two stages. The slurry is first pumped to 1st filter and the filtered slurry then passes through the 2nd filter. The filtered slurry is then taken to process line.

Each Ferro filter has an electromagnet coil to create strong magnetic force through the entire zone. Special stainless steel grids fabricated from high magnetic permeability with uniform opening are placed through out the magnet area. High magnetic force is induced at all the openings and iron particles within the slurry get arrested at those points the openings get choked and need periodic cleaning.


Technical Features

Both Ferro filters are rated at 9.0Kw and operate at 200 VDC. The coils are made of aluminum wire with F-Class insulation and are oil cooled. One water-cooling jacket is provided to keep the oil temperature down.


The Ferro filter is designed to give best result at 12mtr 3/hr