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Saideep Fabricators is designer and manufacturer of Reactors & Pressure Vessels custom made for Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fertilizer, food, petro chemical and other allied industries. Saideep Fabricators designs and fabricates Pressure vessel & Reactor as per international codes & standards such as ASME, IS and SS etc. We are providing Reactor systems with external and internal coils for heating and cooling applications. All material procured from reputed suppliers who can deliver material of approved and recognized steel manufacturers with test certificates to give best quality of Reactor & pressure vessel to end user. DPT/NDT testing methods used to check welding quality of Pressure vessels & Reactors manufacturer.

Double Girder EOT Cranes

Design Capacity Range

  • Capacity Range: - 0.5KL to 50KL
  • Pressure Range: - Full Vacuum to 30kg/cm2 g
  • Temperature Range: - Cryogenic to 250˚c

Types of Reactors manufactured by us

  • Jacketed Reactor
  • Limpet coil Reactor
  • Autoclave
  • GMP Models
  • Pressure Vessel